Where does your tree grow?

This is a powerful metaphor for our life. Yet we are so scarred of “digging” into our fear. For me that was my “hell”. As I freed myself from those shackles I realized that my “hell” was self imposed. As I numbed, (in multiple ways), socialized and generally distracted myself from my truths. The truths that I did not want to look at. I needed to tend my roots. To do some deep fertilizing of my root system so they could support my mission in life. Awakening men to the world inside themselves, through the healing of myself and the sharing of those gifts

When will you tend your roots? The artificial fertilizers that we spread on our selves to feel good eventually stop working. Yes you know what I mean when I say “fertilizer” Go ahead…name one of yours?

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s take this trip together. The fellowship is stronger than the individual journey.

Love All-ways,

Richard Alexander Arsic

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