An Interview From June

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Here is an Interview I did with Jamie Pritchard from the Magnetic Lighthouse.

Interview From June

It was my first interview and I had allot of fun! A little disjointed here and there but it still felt good to put myself out there. I remember the days leading up to it how terrified I was!! What the hell am I going to speak about! Looking at all the things that could go wrong! I had the everything unfolding in my fearful mind!

Once we started and I got into it, things felt much better. Looking back I made up all kinds of stories about how bad it was going to be. None of it came true.

I am learning to respect my fear and let it go at the same time. Respect it in a way that helps me see there is a gift waiting for me. Leaning into the fear is part of it. If there was no fear then I’m not sure that there would be much in for me. No growth edge. I have learned that when things become too easy I get board. Complacency settles in and I get dull. I am not on my game. I stop paying attention. Then shit starts happening! I forget things. I get into a rut that says “I got this”, “no problem”. Then I do not follow through. I let people down.

Now I’m not saying you need to go around life afraid all the time. Allow yourself to step into comfortableness. Be with it. Let it permeate you. Study a little more. Press your shirt a little longer. Comb your hair and get everything is place. Do all the things you would normally do when faced with a stressful situation. Now add in one more piece….be present. See that you are doing these things to mitigate the fear. It’s OK. Awareness is truly freedom. Your awareness and acceptance of the fear is paramount. Embrace it like an old friend! Hell it is an old friend!! Without fear we would have been eaten by saber tooth tigers back in the day! Fear keeps us sharp.  Keeps us on our toes, hyper aware. Seeing it fore what it is is more than half the battle! You will nail that speech, presentation or job interview. Heading into it embrace your old buddy and play with him. He provides a service that many of us tend to forget. Once the embracing of your old friend has occurred, send her off on her way! He did his job. He brought your awareness up to a level 10, pressed all your shirts, combed the shit out of your hair and everything is exactly where it needs to be! Now let it go. Breathe…three deep breaths.

You are a perfect divine being. Showing your magnificence at every turn. It is only your thoughts that are coming from an old wound, of not being good enough, that tells you otherwise. It is those thoughts that hold you back in many aspects of your life. If anyone tells you they don’t have them, they are lying. What they may be really good at is repressing. What I want you to be good at is showing up differently in the face of those false beliefs. Your life is worth it. Not to mention the lives of everyone you touch.

Marianne Williamson spoke about it being our light that we are afraid of more so then the darkness. I know that has been true for me. This is why I am leaning into my growth edge and doing interviews, blogs, co-creating calls (coaching) and hosting men’s and coed groups, both virtual and live. The groups that I currently have going are full. I intend to start new groups in January. Look for an announcement coming soon.

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