An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

Hi thanks for coming inside to read this. This is part of an ongoing conversation that I am having with God/Higher Self/All There Is, whatever you would like to call it. It comes from a place deep inside and I am not fully sure what this is all about. So I am surrendering to the process and letting it flow. Here is a piece that I felt guided to share today. Hope you enjoy it and it sheads some light on your own journey.

I met my friend Duncan’s wife Karen yesterday. It was a very interesting meeting to say the least. She grilled me on a few points and wanted to do the five “whys” on me. The five Whys were directed towards my comment around when I declare who I am and now choose to be, everything unlike it comes into my space. My theory is that I am more aware of what does not serve me when I am present and in my groove. I felt a little uncomfortable when she did this so I know there was some truth in there for me. I was also aware of the discomfort and not wanting to be vulnerable in that moment. It ended with some great sharings.

Later on she came downstairs where Duncan and I were working on my PC. She offered me a leather bound package tied with a red sash. I was astonished as she shared what the contents were. They consisted of an eagle feather, that she has had for 10 years, an abalone smudge bowl, sage and sweet grass. She shared that she felt compelled to gift them to me. She also said that spirit had directed her to offer up these healing herbs to help me on my journey. She instructed me what and where to smudge and that I should also include some cedar from the local trees. We started by smudging each other, my neighbor Christine, Bernard and Duncan where part of it. Then I smudged the dogs, the inside and outside of the trailer. She also had had me make a path to the forest with the smudge. I found this quite odd but once I was in the forest and giving thanks and tobacco I realized the significance. I shed a couple of tears as I communed with nature. It was a perfect prescription!

Thank you for sharing that piece Richard. We are happy that all our gentle nudges to Duncan, his wife, children and you were all heard. It is when the gentle hand of divine providence is received that miracles do happen. This was a miracle that is yet to unfold for you. Your Time with Karen tomorrow will also yield some additional gold for you. Richard you did not mention what Duncan’s daughter Georgia said to you. Would you care to share now?

Yes, thank you. Georgia said something to the effect of…when you speak your truth to someone and they turn away, they are not to be trusted. I am still not sure what exactly that fully means.

Yes that is precisely where you are meant to be in this moment. You will know when the situation arises instantly. Our little angel has given you the perfect gift at the perfect time. All will reveal itself while you stay present.

Well that leaves me with an unpleasant feeling of anticipation. Like I have to be on guard around some future event.

The only thing unpleasant about the feeling Richard is the filter you have processed Georgia’s and our words through. There is nothing in either statement that is meant to illicit unpleasant feelings. Your feelings are arising from the thoughts you are having around it.

Yes I get that but I still have a bit of a foreboding feeling knowing there will be something waiting for me to test my trust muscle. It seems like it gets a pretty good workout in many areas!

Your “trust muscle” could be weakened in this moment. It is your need to “trust” that others will behave in fashion that is both predicable and comfortable that causes you much of your grief. If you could release that need to trust, which is another word for certainty, then the sailing will become much smoother. We have spoken to this on a number of occasions. How you have framed it shows up in different ways. When you learn that you need not trust anything. That every experience you have called to you for you. In this moment what we perceive is you not in “trust” with yourself. From this place all other feelings of lost trust arise. When you are living in alignment with your highest good is when you will live in trust of self. And therefore trust of all others outside of yourself. You will not require anything from them so there is no-thing that they will need to be, do or have to keep some unwritten agreement with you. Do you see how you have set yourself up, to feel disappointment in other’s behaviors, as they only mirror back your disappointment with yourself.

Richard, this has been ongoing for most of your life. When will you see the perfection that is you and that you have everything you will ever need on this plane? You have been given all the tools to thrive, all of you have, yet you choose feelings that do not serve your highest good. We know you have been at odds with yourself around allowing the dark feelings to be embraced while letting in the light filled ones. We say that it is balance. We have witnessed you embrace your darkness and surrender to many of those feelings that you have resisted. Now it is time to embrace the light, reclaim your thrown and allow the magic to unfold. It is time to take all you have learned in this, and many other, lifetimes and bring forth the perfection that is you. As you continue to surrender to what we/you have placed in your path, more understandings and epiphanies will emerge. When you hide from them and allow the old wounds to take over it just prolongs the inevitable.

We understand that his is a new calendar year for you. Now would be an ideal time to allow your magic to unfold. To stand in that place of mastery that you and everyone has within. Now is time to reach out to others and share the gift of who you are. Show the world who you are through your writings, actions and being. The world is ready for all of you to shine your beautiful lights into the darkness that still hides the depth and beauty that is humanity. The world is at the edge of something magical and we need all of you to stand in that space that you signed up for when you decided to incarnate again at this time. The call is out, the universe has stepped up and showered you all with divine light and now awaits your response and actions. Yes the changes will take place with or without you. The key is how quickly do you want them to manifest in your now reality? How quickly do you want to see an end to greed, destruction of the planet, poverty, war, hate and the myriad of other unbecoming maladies that plague Man Kind’s existence? When each of you stands in your power and alters this within your own worlds, it ripples out into the all of humanity. It puts forces in motion that many of you have not even conceived of. This is truly a case of cause and affect. What will you cause to change inside of yourself? What will that cause affect and how will it shift the others in your life? Do you see that all it takes is one small shift in yourself. The shift from head space to heart space. The shift from me thinking to we thinking. The shift from what can I get to how may I serve.

Humanity is ready for your service. Are you ready to claim the space that awaits you? Are you ready to claim your divine purpose and step into the light? If you say yes to any of these aspects of self then let’s make it so.

Wow you are amazing! I feel better already and I know others who read this will embrace the call. I have heard it whispered for years but now I am fully ready to embrace this. If their are others out there that desire to take the next steps in your life but are unsure I am here to help. Please reach out and we can discover the truth you have been resisting about who you really are. The contact form is below. Let’s play!!

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  1. Paul Barker
    Paul Barker says:

    Hi Richard

    I just loved this as it struck a real cord with me in a number of ways – particularly the bit about going into nature to commune 🙂 as this is part of my work / message to spread. (I am just back from taking a few men into Nature this morning on what I call a Heart Walk).

    I also loved the ‘When will you see the perfection that is you’ and ‘The world is ready for all of you to shine your beautiful lights’ . . .

    Looking forward to following you on your journey and perhaps sharing it with you at some stage.

    Love & hugs

    Paul Barker

  2. Christine
    Christine says:

    WOW Richard what a beautiful blog thank you for sharing :))) Oh to commune with nature and experience the magic and wisdom of the forest. Lovely can’t wait to read your book!!!!



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