Yesterday’s Edge Is Today’s Plateau From Which Tomorrow’s Edge Is Honed

This was an interesting phrase that jumped into my head on a Called By Love tele-seminar hosted by Dr. Marj Britt. Here is a link to her site if you are interested. I am sure you will find something of value. I just love her!

Marj had us go into that liminal space, the space in-between and capture words that spoke to the past, present and future around our edges. The phrase above started developing the moment my eyes closed.

I have found, that as my life unfolded, the edges I once feared were truly my greatest gifts of today. From that moment of solace, as I embrace my fears, joys and successes that were birthed from each edge, a new edge was honed. It’s very much like the Hero’s Journey. It never really ends but circle keep spiraling upward. Upward to that place of clearer vision, operating in gratitude and humbling of oneself to creation.

As I stand and witnessed each edge become a plateau I sometimes  wonder what need I was unconsciously filling by generating all the fears around it. What wound was it satiating? What self fulfilling prophecy was I colluding with? What I discover startled me.

The wound I was satiating was the wound of not being good enough, unworthy of the potential that may arise from stepping into the unknown. The self fulfilling prophecy was one that had been showing up for years. One that said that others will take on the challenge. Others who are more qualified than me. By not stepping into the edge I remained stuck. No action, is an action all in itself. Not moving forward and potentially slipping backward into my addictions of food, booze, television, porn…to name a few. All to keep me safe. 

The beauty is, that I and the universe, created that edge for me to  peer into. We colluded to create a vision of what was possible. Unfortunately there were no guarantees offered that would make stepping into the unknown less impactful! Yet that is exactly why we need to step off the edge.

From that place of uncertainty the feelings that arise start into motion something that cannot be stopped. Those feelings of fear and uncertainty, are the juice that keeps us moving. Without them it would just be another meeting, speech, business launch, marriage, career change or finding your bliss! Without the contrast of fear against the potential of success there is nothing pushing us forward.

I believe these to be “Laws Of The Universe” Laws, that once set in motion. deliver the highest yield. Often that yield is not the desired outcome of the mind but the required outcome of the soul. That statement may seem a little fluffy to some and I can appreciate that.

I believe we all come here to experience life. The hot and the cold. The up and the down. The sadness and the joy. The love and the fear. Our soul sets us up to get exactly what we came to experience. We have conditioned  ourselves for so long to resist fear, to avoid pain, to shy away from sadness. When in fact the opposite is true. The only way to overcome any of them, is to get into right relation to them. The best way I have found is to embrace them. Embrace the “awfulness” of whatever it is we do not wish to experience. From that place freedom awaits you.

So when we are standing on the edge, the fear is gripping us and we are immobilized. Take a step back, breath, get quiet, meditate, allow the feelings to move through you without resistance. Give the feelings shapes, colors and textures. Imagine yourself embracing those feelings. Thanking them for keeping you safe and on your toes as you struggled to envision every outcome. Know that your soul is now in charge. From this place you will always get exactly what you need.

Love All-Ways

Richard Alexander Arsic,

Your Co-Creator to a new way of being….

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  1. blambore
    blambore says:

    What you are saying is so self evident, yet so difficult to put in practice! It is so easy to get by with our days and forget that life is a field of infinite dimensions and opportunities; and that our fears are all too often holding us back from experimenting what there is for us to see. Thank you for inviting us to overcome our fears by fully embracing and exploring the dark, the sorrow and the ugly for what they are because without knowing them intimately, we can’t possibly appreciate all the light, joy and beauty life has to offer…

    • Richard Alexander Arsic
      Richard Alexander Arsic says:

      Thanks for your words brother. They are ripe with Authenticity. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Now I need to figure out how to get notified that a person commented so I do not take this long to respond!

      Love All-ways,


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