The Bewildered Man

Another Excerpt From My Book, Masculinity Through The Divine Eye…

That is a good description of where many of you reside, bewilderment. From this bewilderment many things may arise. Many of your emotions such as anger and fear start to come up again. The walls are thinner and it takes allot more work to keep filling the cracks. The load is heavy and some turn to further numbing, others turn more deeply to their religions. For in their religions is a place they believe that we are there to help carry their load. To some extent that is correct. We are their to help—but it is not to shoulder the burden of an over developed ego. This ego must be tamed in order for our energies to fully manifest inside you. With the wall of the ego up it stops the mind from absorbing the energies that will help bridge the gap from the head to the heart. It is this disconnect that afflicts  your sphere, men the most. Women let in more light through there eyes. Their eyes are “open” in many ways. Men still cower in the light. For in the light what is seen is real. In the dark you can make up many stories to mask reality and create the inner world that protects you from the truth. The truth of who and what you truly are.

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