Summer Solstice and Full Moon Light of Truth

We are in special times my friends. So many astral events have taken place over the past few years. From blue moons to blood moons, energy fields to solar flares. All these events have something in common, Light. Humanity is being flooded with light and energy in so many ways right now. Perhaps one of the biggest events of the year is upon us at ths instant. The Summer Solstice and the Full Moon.

The Solstice is the culmination of the journey of the sun that started 365 days ago. The sun reached its zenith in the northern hemisphere and started its descent back into the southern hemisphere today. Crossing the equator twice along the way. The Spring and fall equinoxes. Only to do a return trip after the Winter Solstice. 

The full moon, is the second one this moon cycle, in the sign of Sagittarius and is also considered the Strawberry full moon. For this is the time when strawberries ripen in this part of the world.

Something that is more auspicious about this event, is that this will not happen again until the year 2062! So this is a once in a lifetime event for many people. Especially if you were not aware of it when it last happened 1967. This turned out to be coined the summer of love!!! I know I would surely welcome a summer of love as tensions seem to be rising in many areas around the world.

What Stands Out For Me

What is standing out for me is that the combination of the solstice, and the Full moon, on the same day, happens at the perfect time! The earth will be bathed in the radiance of the longest day by the Divine Masculine, the Sun.  This light will be available to us longer today than any other day. The sun shines down its light to illuminate all things.

That same evening brings the full moon, The Divine Feminine. The longest day followed by an illuminated night. This stirs me. What is the significance of all this light? What is the universe attempting to show us? I have a suspicion of the possibilities and I would like to share them with you here. Please bear with me as I attempt to unravel my thoughts. It may get clunky here and there but I believe the message will be worthwhile.

Getting back to the amount of light coming in. This is the piece that struck me the hardest. I hear astrologies’ version of what the full moon means at this time of year. One concept that made sense was that there was no hiding from truth. “Sagittarius makes a beeline to the fiery trail that is truth!” I buy that and you will see how that weaves into my theory.

So here we sit with all this light in our lives. The day and night light still casts many shadows. Without light we would never be able to see our shadows. It is the darkness that I wish to speak to now. This darkness I speak of can only be seen in the light. The darkness or shadow side of ourselves. The parts of us that we hide repress or deny. These shadows, the light is bringing truth into, are the aspects of ourselves that we are most likely not even conscious of. The needy little boy or the jealous girl that we keep hidden away. But yet we cannot deny the feelings that stir within us. The desire to say flippant remarks to a friend that we perceived wronged us. The need to get angry at the guy who just cut us off. Why would any of those things matter unless we gave them a deeper meaning. This meaning, or story we tell ourselves during these events, is the sponsoring thought behind the feelings. The feelings that we are perhaps not good enough or worthy. I use these terms because I believe that they are at the root of many or our shadow selves.

When the light of truth illuminates our shadows through the recognition of our feelings this is a sign that we need to look more closely at ourselves. Many of us will quickly change that thought and deny the feeling. Bypassing to the pretty rainbow and unicorn places of being. This can work for a while, but until we touch those dark places and alchemize them into the the gold that they are made of, those feelings will continue to show up in unpleasant ways

Where Does This Leave Us?

I believe the underlying premise is that we condemn these feelings as being bad. That we are wrong for having them. In doing so we deny a piece of who we are. If your hand has a cut on it and it hurts do we reject the hand or try and make it into something better than it is in the moment? Or do we take care of it, put medication on it and allow it to heal? The psyche is very similar. Yet the unpleasant feelings are something we do not want to experience again. It brings up feelings from our childhood that needs to kept hidden in a corner. For me, my ego has worked hard at keeping me safe and I’ll be damned if I will allow those shitty feelings in now! For many of us the dark places are better left in the dark, under wraps. However when we refuse to look at the deeper meaning and suppress the feelings, these feelings will build. Then they leak out in inappropriate ways. Ways that can sabotage relationships of many types.

So during this heralding in of the light today and days to come, please allow yourself to feel those feelings. Seek help through group or individual support that can create a safe space for you to look deeper and understand the root causes.  From this safe space allow yourself time to rub the salve of compassion into those dark soars in the psyche. You will be a happier person and your relationships will start to blossom in the new found light. The stories will start to change and the sponsoring thoughts will be based on here and now not there and then.

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  1. Everardo Pedraza
    Everardo Pedraza says:

    I really enjoyed reading this reflection. I resonate with the importance of taking a look at the uncomfortable feelings and exploring them. I also enjoy the “salve of compassion” phrase because that’s what compassion really is . . . a salve. I appreciate the invitation in this article to find that safe space to explore those parts of our psyches that are hurt, or bother us and move toward a more evolved sense of self by working through issues that may be holding us back.


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