Olympic Fever!

I was watching the Olympics the other night. It was some form of a women’s relay swimming event. Four women took turns swimming two lengths of the pool. There were eight countries competing. 

The Race!

The women swam their hearts out! They jockeyed for position, surging back and forth between China, Australia, USA and Canada. Each new swimmer, on the teams, turned it into a different race! Each new swimmer brought out their own character and abilities into the pool. As I watched I could feel the emotions coursing through my body. Visceral feelings of joy, compassion, envy, heartache, loss and victory! Wow I was on fire from the inside out! What a ride. Each stroke brought the outcome a little closer. Each stroke was the beginning and end of the last stroke. Each stroke was a moment that they could never get back. Each stroke took them further into their dreams.

In the end, team USA won with Australia second, Canada third and China fourth. I so admired all the competitors. What they must go through for years prior to today was mind boggling. The endless hours of training. Training for their dreams! Today was the day that those dreams came true! Wow! They were competing at the Olympics! Some won, some close to winning, but in the end the thrill of representing their countries must have been huge!

The Ah Ha Moment

As I was watching the events unfold and witnessed what was going on inside my body, I was awe struck with a thought. Why couldn’t we be our own cheerleaders? Why couldn’t we watch our own lives unfold and be our own biggest fans? Giving gentle coaching when times are challenging and exuberant blessing when success rises from our hard work. Instead many berate themselves because they “could have done more”. Scold themselves for “failing again”. Compare themselves to the “others” and get locked into a spiral of never measuring up.

Even when we win we credit others. “Oh it was so and so in the middle leg that really made the difference”. Rather than, “I swam my ass off and thank you for noticing! Thank you for seeing me and my accomplishment.” This isn’t about ego but about being able to take take a blessing in. Take it into that deep part of ourselves that desires to be seen, valued, appreciated and loved. Personally I have, in the past, found it very difficult to take a blessing. I remember my mentor was blessing me for something. Immediately I was coy and spread the blessing out over others around me. In that moment he said “STOP”! Just take it in. You deserve it. You did amazing work and I want to honor you in this moment for your contribution. I did stop. I did take it in. If felt fucking amazing! There was not ego in that. 

The Takeaway

So I Invite you to stand back and witness your life. See your life as the Hero’s Journey that it really is. Look at all the things you have triumphed over and the others, that brought you to your knees. They were all valuable. You are valuable. I want you to get as excited about you, as I can get when I imagine the difference you can make in the world. I invite you to cheer yourself on and let the emotions of the journey fuel your passions. Let the emotions of failure push you into success. Let the emotion of success pull you forward into your greatness.

The world needs you. Your partner needs you. Your children need you. I need you. The decisions you make in the next 24 hours could change the face of the world as we know it. Your passion around anything that stirs you could turn into a movement. The moment you start to move.

These words are for me as much as they are for you. I teach what I need to learn and I want to learn more about how I can best serve in this lifetime.

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