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I listened to Richard on a pod-cast and I was intrigued by his approach to growth. My soul was driven to connect with his soul. During our conversations I felt my perspective shift and new awareness entered my consciousness. Richard helped me see past some beliefs that were limiting my happiness. I’m deeply grateful for his guidance and authentic sharing. All the best my friend on your quest for co-creating. You’re changing lives!”


From The East Coast

I have been working with Richard for about 8 months. Through that time his ability to hone in on the pieces that were holding me back was remarkable. There were times I did not even have to talk about the issue and with one question he was able to shift a week’s worth of sadness. My relationship with my partner is the best it’s been in years! My business is finally turning the corner and I owe this to Richard. If I said the directly to him he would give me all the credit, That is the man he is and I am so grateful to have him in my life.”

Paul S.