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Who Am I?

What Now….My Emotions Give Me Clues

I have found over the years that my emotions give me a clues to what is going on inside me. When I pay attention to them I am able to come from a place of creation rather than reaction. when I ignore them they leak out in unconscious ways and stand between me and my […]

The “CRISIS” Before US

The Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two other symbols, danger and opportunity. I will take you on our journey through the danger and how we came out the other side with an opportunity that has never been presented before, in my lifetime, as it has right now. I hope this holds something […]

Olympic Fever!

I was watching the Olympics the other night. It was some form of a women’s relay swimming event. Four women took turns swimming two lengths of the pool. There were eight countries competing.  The Race! The women swam their hearts out! They jockeyed for position, surging back and forth between China, Australia, USA and Canada. […]

Summer Solstice and Full Moon Light of Truth

We are in special times my friends. So many astral events have taken place over the past few years. From blue moons to blood moons, energy fields to solar flares. All these events have something in common, Light. Humanity is being flooded with light and energy in so many ways right now. Perhaps one of […]

A Longing….

As I saw this piece of art many images came up in me. I saw too fragile, broken people unwilling to engage with each other. Yet at a deep level all they really desire is connection. Connection in a place of non judgment, non seeking and non doing. In a place of being at-one-ment (atonement). […]

The Bewildered Man

Another Excerpt From My Book, Masculinity Through The Divine Eye… That is a good description of where many of you reside, bewilderment. From this bewilderment many things may arise. Many of your emotions such as anger and fear start to come up again. The walls are thinner and it takes allot more work to keep […]

My Father’s Autobiography, Written Through His Son’s Eyes

Thanks for stopping. I found this one of the most difficult things I have ever written. Yet one of the most freeing. Although I have been informed that there is allot of discrepancies from my vantage point to older siblings. This is about freeing me from the wounds my father carried. So please take all […]

Yesterday’s Edge Is Today’s Plateau From Which Tomorrow’s Edge Is Honed

From that place of uncertainty the feelings that arise start into motion something that cannot be stopped. Those feelings of fear and uncertainty, are the juice that keeps us moving. Without them it would just be another meeting, speech, business launch, marriage, career change or finding your bliss! Without the contrast of fear against the […]

50 Years A Slave

Well I have to say I did not expect this in any way!! I just finished watching 12 Years A slave for the first time. I had been resistant to watching it since it came out. I did not want to go into the pain of slavery again through the eyes of another film. Everyone […]