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An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

Hi thanks for coming inside to read this. This is part of an ongoing conversation that I am having with God/Higher Self/All There Is, whatever you would like to call it. It comes from a place deep inside and I am not fully sure what this is all about. So I am surrendering to the […]

Is SATAN Real?

  I watched a movie last night called the War Room. It was pretty good and brought to light allot of what seems to permeate many relationships in this day and age. What I found interesting was, that in order to heal their relationship, that love and trust had to be put into God and […]

Tis The Season

I have to admit that I feel very tired. Almost lethargic at times. This scares me. Scars me into believing something is wrong with me. I haven’t written, blogged or followed up on much of anything in the last few weeks. The voices in my head keep telling me I need to do something. I […]

An Interview From June

Hi All,  Here is an Interview I did with Jamie Pritchard from the Magnetic Lighthouse. Interview From June It was my first interview and I had allot of fun! A little disjointed here and there but it still felt good to put myself out there. I remember the days leading up to it how terrified […]

Closing The Gap…

It never ceases to amaze me!! I consistently create all kinds of stories, scenes and events in my head! They show up when I am trying to move into something new. The old wounds are triggered. The false beliefs start to rear their ugly heads. As the darkness grows inside of me, I see it […]

Where does your tree grow?

This is a powerful metaphor for our life. Yet we are so scarred of “digging” into our fear. For me that was my “hell”. As I freed myself from those shackles I realized that my “hell” was self imposed. As I numbed, (in multiple ways), socialized and generally distracted myself from my truths. The truths […]