Ricahrd, sedona, maggie

Richard Alexander Arsic has been on a quest for knowledge, spirituality and the deeper meaning behind life. His journey started in Windsor Ontario where he was born and raised. Studied Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology and also became an industrial electrician. His love of understanding how things work propelled him into his own business in 1990. There he was exposed to the behind the scenes operations of many different industries.

His deeper spiritual journey started consciously in the late 90’s when he was introduced to the Celestine Prophecy books. From there came Neale Donald Walsch’s work Conversations with God. These messages stirred his soul. He knew there was deep truths being shared. This study finally freed him from the Religious dogma that hounded him since his mother death at the age of 10.

Through becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver, A Shambala Reiki Master and a Complete Mind Body Activation practitioner, his spiritual path was well being forged. Sprinkle in Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and several other personal growth courses and Richard was well on the road to master his own life.

In mid 2000 Richard joined the board of his local food bank as well as Co-Chaired Leadership Waterloo’s Alumni Council. He was eager to give back to the marginalized and wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how our systems work..

In 2011 Richard discovered men’s work… Richard attended the Shift Men’s Initiation and shortly their after The Man Kind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure.

Richard experienced his own awakening to the mystical world inside, called feelings. Feelings that, as a man, he was taught to stifle. He also created his first mission statement. “Richard creates a world of abundance, growth and joy by being present and remembering who he is”. This was a powerful moment for him. He finally had a mission.  A mission that he could hold up anything he was being or doing and see if was in alignment.

Through this “awakening” Richard realized, that his work in the Social Profit arena, was merely band aids on symptoms and that the newly discovered men’s work was actually treating the cause. This work helps to break the cycle from father to son. Reducing the burden to the next generation who could grow up with shallower wounds. This generation of children will be the leaders in our society. This was the key!

Richard’s restless feelings inside increased. Something was missing. Something was not in alignment. He found it more difficult to perform his engineering tasks. He found his relationships, though loving, were unfulfilling. That’s when he knew he needed to go deep into his own personal work. Healing himself and helping to facilitate other men on their journey. Teaching what he needed to learn.

In the fall of 2014 Richard sold all his belongings, bought a trailer, packed up his two faithful companions, Maggie and Sedona and embarked on an Training Adventure of his own. It was not about finding something, it was about acknowledging and embracing what was already there. To open up and uncover his deepest wounds so that he could help others do the same. Through facilitating men’s circles, Healing his wounds, writing 2 books and discovering more deeply who he is, his revised mission took shape.

Richard creates a world of awakened men through healing himself

and sharing that journey with the world.