First of all I have never really embraced the word coaching. It sounds like someone on the side lines yelling…run faster…slow down…push harder. These words bring up fear in me. That somehow I am not enough and that someone needs to coach me to be better. That’s not fucken true! Not for me and I say not for you as well! We are all perfect individuations of divinity walking on this planet. No one has any more right to be here that you do. No one has anymore right to abundance than another. However there are things inside of me that have held me back in my life. Fears of not being worthy, good enough, enough! These fears we all carry and I believe them to be at the root of all the issues on the planet right now.

My approach to co-creating is to jump down into the abyss with you and really take a good hard look at the fears that have prevented you from the life you desire. From this place of discovery we can create plans and move into a new plane of being. I will not use fear based motivators and stern accountability to move you forward. You will choose to move forward because the fears that have held you back are now out in front where you can see them. Not in shadow, hiding here, there and jumping in and out of your life, causing havoc and pain. So if you are willing to take this trip with me you will come out the other side smiling. We will take a Hero’s Journey together and see where that brings us. A journey of self awareness, authenticity, openness and honesty.


                        …TO THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.

Learn how to face your reality and feel more in touch with who you really are.

Take charge and and make decisions based on your truth, not fear.


1- This 6-hour package includes deep talks, exercises and homework where you: 

  • Get a realistic view of your life and step out of your illusions.
  • Face your limiting believes, own your stories and your truths.
  • Learn to trust your power and your feelings.
  • Deepen your relationships on many levels.
  • When you in this way deepen your inner trust- you learn how to connect with your desires and your vision- In an authentic and more powerful way.
  • All services are by donation. Nothing is expected…you only pay what you can and what value you believe this work brought to your life.

2- Co-creation on demand: 

One hour session by donation only.

3- Introductory call

  • Not sure where to start … let’s connect for a free 30 minutes introduction call.
  • Let’s see if we are a match and how we might be of service to the inner growth you desire.