Well! Thank you for making it this far! I really appreciate your appetite for change!

This is the Vision and Mission section. I have learned through my own floundering how important a Vision and Mission statement is in my life.

I have also observed how important and effective it has been in others lives. Every prosperous corporation has them. Every successful business person has one.

Hell most people that we admire from afar know why they are here and what their gifts that they are offering. Why not you?!

“My healed world of Awakened Souls

becomes a reality as I Heal Myself

and Share That Journey With the World”

For many of us having a Vision and Mission statement in our lives does not seem to be a priority. When our lives are filled with working for other people, caring for children, having a social network and add to that what to watch on TV tonight! 

With all that going on, having a statement that clarifies why we are on the planet, may seem pointless. That was certainly my view 10 years ago.

A remarkable women came into my life back then. She really showed me what a good clean Vision and Mission statement could do to transform a committee. It was truly amazing watching the group galvanize around our shared Vision and Mission. from there I started noticing that most successful corporations had a clear concise Vision and Mission. It guided them through the rough water of their growth, planted seeds for new growth and was a harbinger of good things to come.

Fiver years later I went to a men’s initiation weekend and discovered my first draft of my mission. How cool was that! I had a mission for my own life! Now it’s taken me another five years to bring this concept out to you all.

It is really quite simple and your Vision and Mission already resides within you. Many believe we have to go hunting for it. Put the exact right phrase together so it’s perfect! Hell I would not even want to entertain doing that much work! I’m too lazy and I certainly don’t have time to dig that deep to attempt to create something that seems so daunting!

Well I have a method that will only require barely two hours of your life and will provide you with a tool you can use for a lifetime!

It’s called a Life Declaration Statement (LDS)! LDS will truly transform your life!

So my offer to you dear friend is to come and play with me.

Lets flesh out your LDS.

Lets go on a journey to the deepest parts of your being and look into what really brings you joy!

Then we will look at what gifts you have to bring this joy into your life in a more sustainable way.

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