Ladies, have you wondered where the men are?

Where the man you married has disappeared to?

Where your partner is hiding?

Are you frustrated and feeling unfulfilled, romantically, mentally, emotionally, sexually?

You are definitely not alone! Over the years I have engaged with many women who have expressed these and other issues around their partners and relationships.

“Where are the men” is the clarion call.

I have a story, one that many men do not want to hear. My story is that women are the “way-showers” in our society at this time. I say this from years of observations and interactions with women. Especially when I attend spiritual events, Yoga classes, self help groups and many other offerings that are about building ourselves up from the inside out. Women are ready for this work and many of you call out to your partner’s to join you. Thank you for that.

I imagine many of you are surprised when men are resistant to that form of engagement. Whereas you are reveling and growing in ways never thought possible! I have seen this exact formula play out in many relationships and watch marriages and partnerships dissolve into nothingness. The women go off and attempt to fill that piece that is still missing and the men blame the women for the breakdown. With terms like, “she changed”, “she won’t listen to reason”, “well it’s my way or the highway”. And women often say “he doesn’t understand me”, “we feel disconnected”, “I love him but I am not In love with him”.


All of these are true and, the paradox, just more stories to justify the feelings going on inside of you.

In my journey what has become true for me is that those feelings are my sign posts or markers. They alert me to something that is not in alignment with my highest good. What I have also learned, is that the easiest thing for me to do when those feelings arise, is to find a place to lay blame. That becomes my way out, my “get out of jail free” card. It’s your fault this all happened!!

What I would like you to consider is, that perhaps, there is something inside of you that, when activated or shifted will start you on a path to happiness and freedom. This path will be the one less traveled. The one fraught with lots of unwanted feelings and sorrow. The one that truly has a pot of gold at every plateau. Can you hear the “Call”? It is whispering your own name.

That is why I am here. To assist you in discovering what is going on in that deeper place. To help you understand what the “CALL” is actually saying. To help you listen to the voice inside.

There is also another piece I will offer here as well. To help you understand, from a man’s perspective, what is going on in him as he watches you change. I have been on both sides of those changes and they can be heart wrenching for the “one left behind”.

If you are willing to get real and move through the need to blame, shame or justify how you are showing up in the world then lets dance. Let’s take a chance and see it we mesh as co-creators in life.

No this is not coaching. This is not about setting up fear based motivators and strict accountability to close the gaps you see in your life.

This is about looking at the reasons that are holding you back from the life you say you desire. The one you are striving for the one that is calling you home to yourself.

Step in and take up my offer

for a free 30 minute session 

and lets see what the universe

has in store for us!

Pssst….don’t tell the men that this is what I am up to!! They get a similar offering but I do not tell them that all the answers lie within! I don’t want them to know that they are the ones that need to step up into a new way of being by looking deeply at themselves. It might scar them away!